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Q) Is this an online course?

A) Yes, however the exam questions can be downloaded to your computer, printed out, and completed offline.

Q) Do you have to login during a certain time of the day?

A) No. The course is structured for you to answer exam questions daily, however, you can login and complete them whenever is convenient for you, 24 hours per day.

Q) Will I need to complete assignments?

A) Yes, the course is structured for you to complete a set number of questions each day.

Q) How do I download and save the files to my computer?

A) Click on the link next to this icon below “Downloads:“, click “Save As”, and save the file to your computer (create a folder or save it to your desktop). After you have saved the file, locate it and click on it to open it.

Q) Will I need a printer?

A) No. If you purchased the “Online + Book” option the 600 questions and answers are sent to you via USPS Priority Mail. If you purchased the “Online” option you can choose to download and view the files online or print them out on your printer.

Q) How do I print the files that I have downloaded and saved to my computer?

A) Locate the file on your computer. Click on it to open it. Go to the top left of your computer screen and click “File” and then “Print”.

Q) What type of files am I downloading to my computer and are they safe?

A) The files are saved as Adobe PDF files and Microsoft Word files. These are the most secure types of files online and all have been screened and are guaranteed to be virus free.

Q) It says I can not open the file. What is wrong?

A) Chances are you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Most computers already have it installed but if you do not you can get it here for free: or you can download the Microsoft Word version of the file.

Q) How long is this course?

A) The course is set up for three weeks of continuous exam training (5 days per week), however, you will have 180 day access to the content. You can return and review the material even after you have completed the course.

Q) How long will I have access to the material in this course?

A) For as long as you need. You have one year access with your purchase.

Q) Are these exam questions from the actual certification exam?

A) No, that would be illegal. The questions are “mock”or “representative” questions. They are similar in content and makeup to the actual exam. We have been given high ratings for how closely our exam questions represent the actual exam questions.

Q) How many total questions are there in the course?

A) Over 600 unique questions and answers!

Q) Do I have to submit my daily exam scores everyday?

A) We highly recommend that you do. When you submit your daily exam score our system automatically sends you an email containing your score. This way you can easily track your progress.